Part two by Thomas van Hoek

Anthony Mount

A while back, MEWS included details of a 3D printed locomotive to a Julius design. Now it is complete with tender.

The stationary model shows the coal fired version of a steam locomotive NCS-76 of The Dutch Railways. Some cross sections were added to show the interior of boiler, ash-pan, water-tube, preheater and cylinders.

The coal tender is based on Julius’ drawings combined with some original drawings obtained from the Dutch Railway Museum in Utrecht.

I used Julius’ .PDF drawings, changed them into PTC-Creo Elements format and translated all into .STL files. Many of his detail-drawings needed modification to make 3D printing possible and/or easier. I used the Cura slicer and Creality 'CR-5 Pro_H'  for printing.

This model consists of (98%) 3D printed parts in PLA (Bronze, Black, Green and Silver). It has more than 750 separate printed parts that are assembled and fixed with

stainless steel fasteners and brass threaded inserts. No glue was used, except for the red copper boiler rivets.

Brass hand-rails and supports are purchased parts.

Model scale: 1:11.3 (Gauge 127mm/5inch)

Dimensions: L1808xW295xH413 mm.

Total Weight: 13 kgs.

Total printing time: 1025 hours