Christopher Jones’


IN 7.25” GAUGE

This locomotive by Christopher Jones is a much modified Modelworks kit which took ten years to construct and was completed in April 2014. The engine is very powerful and on only its second run it completed 56 miles over two days at the Echills Wood track.

The main modifications are as follows.

  1. New vacuum braking system including a scale vacuum brake valve fitted to the backhead.

  2. Completely new lubrication system with a separate oil pump for each cylinder driven off the inside valve gear. Three oil pressure gauges are fitted to the backhead to check that each cylinder is being lubricated.    

  3. Modified regulator to achieve smoother operation with a positive stop.

  4. Modified valve gear to achieve full forward and reverse gear.

  5. New whistle giving authentic chime sound, The whistle is two inches diameter and ten inches long fitted between the frames. It also has a new whistle valve and operating mechanism.

  6. A new lower manifold and cab roof has been made to achieve the correct profile with the streamlining.

  7. Sliding windows are fitted to the cab sides.

  8. Scale bucket seats for the crew have been made and mounted on a correct pattern raised wooden floor.

  9. A shelf with two tea caddies and mug has been mounted over the fire door.

  10. The grate spacing and design has been changed to achieve better steaming and longer life.

  11. Half round beading has been fitted to the cab sides as the prototype.

  12. Cowling fitted round double chimney beat out from copper sheet. Washout plug covers and washout plugs made as full size.

  13. Correct pattern wooden floor matching the footplate floor has been fitted to the tender. Half round beading fitted on the tender as full size.

  14. Doors have been made for the cab sides and the tender.

  15. Vacuum brake hoses fitted to the front and back of the locomotive.

  16. Fall plate fitted between engine and tender.

The LNER Pacific locomotives are probably the best known of all British steam locomotives today. Of those, pride of place must go to the A4 streamlined version, which holds the world speed record for a steam loco at 125.88mph, achieved by Mallard in July 1938.

The A4 class was designed by Sir Nigel Gresley in 1935, instantly recognizable with their streamlined casing. Thirty-five were built for passenger service on the East Coast Main Line out of Kings Cross, via York.

The original Gresley design was for a complete streamlined train called the Silver Jubilee to run between Kings Cross and Newcastle, in celebration of King George V’s quarter century on the throne. Those original trains were finished in silver-grey. A4s were finished in many colours during their lifetimes.

MIchael Breeze has produced a detailed design for A4 Sir Nigel Gresley in 5” gauge, along with many other classic locos from the LNER. Castings are available.