F Staines

Our photos are from the MEWS archive, taken in 2010 when this award winning 5” gauge model by F. Staines had already been running for 22 years, including regular running on its club track and at many other tracks in the UK and Europe.

Built at Crewe Works January 1951 at a total cost of £26,000 Oliver Cromwell was  designed by the chief mechanical engineer of B. R. Mr R.A. Riddles  and was number 13 in a series of 55 locomotives.

Overall length was 58 feet at a total weight of 94 tons. The coupled wheels are 6' 2" in diameter. Boiler pressure is 250 lb per square inch generated from a 42 square foot fire grate heating a total surface of 2,474 square feet, The cylinders are 20 inches in diameter with 28 inch stroke producing a total tractive effort of 32,150 lbs.

Oliver Cromwell was the last steam locomotive to receive heavy repairs at Crewe Works being out shopped on February 2nd 1967. On August 11th 1968 it was to haul the last scheduled steam passenger service On British Railways,

Original plans were to preserve just one Britannia class, loco No 70000, but due to vandalism in storage. it was decided at lhe last minute to send Oliver Cromwell to Bressingham Sleam Museum tor preservation, Enthusiasts purchased No 70000 and restored the loco. Oliver Cromwell was later moved to York Railway Museum and restored.