Angus French



The latest project of 18 year-old Angus French shown at the 2018 Midlands Exhibition was a CNC lathe. Earlier projects include a 3D printer, a robotic arm and a manual milling machine modified to full CNC operation. His machines have been seen at the show before and have won major awards.

The critical parts of the lathe structure were made in aluminium strip and plate, carefully machined to guarantee alignment with the lathe spindle. The sub-assembly was then cast in epoxy concrete (dry aggregate, mixed with epoxy adhesive, and cast in a wooden mould). To display, the mechanism the machine was shown without the protective covers, which normally collect the lubricant and chips. 

Drive is supplied by a DC motor coupled by belt to the spindle. The motor speed is variable from zero to 3000rpm. The digital power supply works fine but has yet to be fitted into a case.

Angus has won many awards and is now a graduate apprentice at the Jaguar Landrover Company.