The story of the remarkable Cherry Hill

by David Carpenter

I have known and admired the work of Cherry Hill for many years, and it was when persuading her to let us show all her models together for the Centenary Model Engineer Exhibition at Ascot racecourse that the idea for a book first took shape. For various reasons it would be some years before I actually asked Cherry if we could do a book. It then took shape over many months, writing in conjunction with selecting photographs and creating a rough layout to make sure everything hung together well.

After some false starts the process of finding a publisher got underway. In the end there were several offers, but Robert Hale Ltd was the clear choice. Model engineers and horologists will know them best through the highly successful books by Donald de Carle. They proved a delight and very professional to work with.

Writing the book was a pleasure, and the only problem was which photographs to use from the hundreds (thousands?) from those taken by Cherry and professional photographer, Norman Mays, who photographed the early models. Being a pleasure was genuinely a surprise, as when I have produced things on this scale before I would swear “never again”. But this was no chore.

The publisher’s team has made a great job of the book. Editing, proof reading and page design are all top notch.

It has finished up at 148 pages of 250mm square format.

It describes every one of her models which have won no less than nine Gold Medals (so far) and the same number of Duke of Edinburgh Awards - the highest accolade in model engineering. It looks at how she developed as a model engineer from a young age, and how she goes about researching, designing, making and painting the models. Also the charming story of how she met her husband-to-be from Florida, who coincidentally celebrated his 100th birthday on the day the book launched in the US.

Cherry and I hope you enjoy it.

Cherry’s Model Engines

The Story of the Remarkable Cherry Hill

Hardback 254 x 254mm

148 pages fully illustrated

Robert Hale Ltd

ISBN-10: 0719814219

ISBN-13: 978-0719814211

Available from here and all good booksellers