Here is a list of model engineering clubs and societies. Please let us know of any changes to contact details. Please also keep us in touch with your news by email to here. If you prefer to send newsletters, etc by post please send to: 28 Jessamy Road, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 8LB England. Please note that this is a mailing address only.

10 1/4in Gauge Society

7 1/4 Gauge Society

Amnerfield Miniature Railway

Andover & District MES

Ascot Locomotive Society

Ashcombe Miniature Railway Club

Auckland SME

Avonvale MES

Banbury  & District MES

Basingstoke & District MES

Bay Area Engine Modellers

Beamish ME Group

Bedford MES

Belfast & County Down Miniature Railway Society

Bendigo SME

Bethesda - Joys of Life MRC

Birmingham SME

Black Country Live Steamers

Bluewater MES (Canada)

Bournemouth & District SME

Bracknell Railway Society

Bradford MES

Brandon & District SME

Bridgend & District MES

Brighouse and Halifax Model Engineers

Brighton & Hove Society of Miniature Locomotive Engineers

Bristol SMEE

British Columbia SME

Brixham Model Engineering and Craft Society

Bromsgrove SME

Burnley and Pendle Miniature Railway Society

Cambridge MES

Canterbury & District MES

Canterbury SMEE


Canvey Railway & Model Engineering Society

Cardiff MES

Chelmsford SME

Cheltenham SME

Chesterfield & District MES

Chichester and District SME

Chingford and District MES

City of Newport MES

City of Oxford SME

City of Sunderland MES

Colchester SMEE

Coventry Model Engineering Society

Crawley Model Engineers

Crowborough Miniature Railway

Derby SMEE

Doncaster & District MES

Durban SME

East Grinstead MES

East Somerset SMEE

Edinburgh SME

Elmdon MES

Erewash Valley MES

Esk Valley MES

Evergreens Miniature Railway

Fenland Light Railway

Friends of Beamish ME Group

Frimley and Ascot Locomotive Club

Furness Model Railway Club

Fylde MES

Gas Turbine Builders Association

Gauge 1 Model Railway Association

Gauge 3 Society

Gravesend Model Marine & Engineering Society

Grimsby & Cleethorpes Model Engineering Society

Grosvenor Park Miniature Railway

Ground Level 5" Gauge Mainline Association

Guildford MES

Guild of Model Wheelwrights

Halesworth & District Model Engineering Society Ltd

Harlington Locomotive Society

Harrow & Wembley Society of Model Engineers

Hatfield & District SME

Hereford SME

High Wycombe MEC

Historical Model Railway Society

Hornsby Model Engineers Co-operative


Huddersfield SME

Hull and District SMEE

Hutt Valley MES

Ickenham & District Society of Model Engineers

Ipswich Model Engineering Society

Isle of Wight Model Engineering Society

Joys of Life MRC

Keighley & District MES

Kent Model Engineering Society

Kings Lynn & District SME

Kinver & West Midlands Society of Model Engineers Ltd.

Koninklijke Model Yacht Club Antwerpen

Lancaster & Morecambe Model Engineering Society

Leeds SMEE

Leicester Society of Model Engineers Ltd

Leyland Society of Model Engineers

Lincoln & District Model Engineering Society

Liphook Modellers Club

Llanelli & District Model Engineers

Llyn Model Engineering Society

Maidstone Model Engineering Society

Malden District SME

Manitoba Live Steamers

Manx Steam & Model Engineering Club

Mid-Cheshire SME

Milton Keynes Model Engineering Society

Model Engineering Society of Northern Ireland

Model Steam Road Vehicle Society

Mold Model Engineering Society

National 2 1/2in  Gauge Association

Nederlandse Vereniging van Modelbouwers - NVM

New Jersey Live Steamers

Newton Abbot & District Model Engineering Society

North American MES

North London Society of Model Engineers

North Norfolk MEC

North Staffs MES

North Wales MES

North West Leicestershire SME

North Wilts MES

Northampton Society of Model Engineers

Northern Association of Model Engineers

Northolt Model Railway Club

Norwich & District SME

Nottingham Society of Model and Experimental Engineers

Ottawa Valley Live Steamers and Model Engineers

Pembrokeshire Model Engineers

Perranporth &District

Peterborough Society of Model Engineers

Pietermaritzburg MES

Pinewood Miniature Railway Society

Plymouth Miniature Steam

Polegate & District Model Engineering Club Ltd

Portsmouth Model Engineering Society

Reading Society of Model Engineers

Rochdale Society of Model & Experimental Engineers

Romford MES

Romney Marsh Model Engineering Society

Rotherham & District Model Engineers Society Ltd

Rugby MES

Rugeley Power Station SME

Ryedale Society of Model Engineers

Saffron Walden Society of Model Engineers

Sale Area Model Engineering Society

Salisbury Model Engineering Society

Sarum Model Traction Engine Club

Scunthorpe Society of Model Engineers

Sheffield & District Society of Model Engineers

Sheppey Model Engineering

Society of Model & Experimental Engineers

Society of Ornamental Turners

Southampton MES

South Downs Light Railway

South Durham Society of Model Engineers

South Lakeland MES

Southern Federation of Model Engineering Societies

Southland SME

Southport Model Engineering Club

Spenborough Model & Experimental Engineers

St. Albans & District Model Engineering Society

Stafford & District Model Engineering Society Ltd

Stamford Model Engineering Society

Stockport & District SME

Strathaven Model Club

Surrey SME

Sutton Coldfield Model Engineering Society

Sutton MEC

Taunton Model Engineers

Tiverton & Dist MES

Tonbridge Model Engineering Society

Toronto SME

Tyneside SMEE

Uckfield Model Railway Club

Urmston and District MES

Vale of Aylesbury Model Engineering Society

Valley Road MES Nottingham

Wakefield MES

Warrington & District MES

Westland and Yeovil District MES

West Riding Small Locomotive Society

West Wilts SME

Weymouth & District Model Engineering Society

Wimborne & District SME

Woking Miniature Railway Society

Wolverhampton & Dist MES

Worcester & District Model Engineers

Worthing and District SME

Wortley Top Forge Model Engineers

Wrexham & Dist SME

York City & District Society of Model Engineers Ltd

Windermere steam launch

Anzani 6 cylinder

Rail breakdown crane

Pump house

Savage traction engine

15” Howitzer

Chaff cutter

3.5” Stirling

90cc aero engine

Corliss mill engine

Stuart Major


Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0T

Shooting Star loco

Skeleton Lyre clock

Harrison RAS clock

Musical clock

Monitor steam engines

NBR Glen loco

Fieldhouse steam winding engine

Stuart Double Victoria

Topaz launch

Cherry Hill’s D10

Kalka Shimla Rly KC tank loco

A4 in 7.25

Verto portable steam plant

Hereward the Wake 5” gauge

Denbigh Manor loco

GWR 57xx pannier tank

McOnie’s Angular Oscillating engine

Mercedes W165 engine

GW County loco

NYCR Mikado loco

Leek and Manifold 2-6-4

Freelance metal turning lathe

Burrell TE

Bentley Blower


USS Monitor engine

Triple marine

Fowler BB1

Swath turner

Pinace 1:12

King Richard 1

GWR Collet goods

British Bulldogs

D9 Caterpillar



Experimental petrol engine

Coal van

1900 fire engine

Hunslet Louisa

Heslop winding engine

Mastrini locos

GWR railcar

Penny farthing

Cambridge Pumping Station

City of Truro

Doris Black 5

SMEE models

Stirling Single

Mason bench lathe

Bates & Edmonds plant

LBSCR B4 loco

GWR Manor

Cherry’s Model Engines

Stuart Swan

Stirling fan

S&DJR brake van

Frisco gas engine

Spoke machine

Lion 5”

Sunderland gear cutter

Ariel Red Hunter

Cornish Waterworks

Fire engine 1:12

HMS Victory

12T rail crane

Triple expansion

Ford V-8

Upside down gas engine

5” Logging loco


1903 steam engine

Ford 300

Stationary steam engine

Atkinson Uniflow

Blown Bentley

Black 5 4-6-0

V-4 petrol engine

Monitor engine

McOnie’s engine

Ransomes plough

Q1 loco

Double Tangye engine

Midland Compound

Hunslet Gwenda

Voice controlled launch

Hunslet Cloister

Morgan 3-wheeler


Lady Stephanie

1:5 Gnome engine

Ascot Pullin motorcycle

Shand Mason fire engine

Fowler ploughing engines

GCR Atlantic

Bernay’s steam engine

Collyer/Caseley grinder

King Arthur 10.25

Cherry Hill Ice loco

Arnold mill engine

Foxcote Manor

Kittoe & Brotherhood beam engine

Travelling mandrel dividing head


Allchin TE

Flapper tar sprayer


Double diagonal engine

Shay 7.25 loco

GWR Gooch Single

Sanderson stractor

BR Moguls

Harrison clock

R-R Phantom II

K N Harris engine

Triple expansion engine*****

Marine Plant

Nemett Ocelot

Firefly launch

Meccano old locos

De Lamater Rider

Easton & Anderson

Hielan Lassie

Bowden Atom ff

Goodfellow engine

Gloria Mill Engine

Princess Royal

Metre Maid

Fowler showman’s

Tandem Scotch yoke engine

Shand Mason fire engine

Sweet Pea Ellie Joe

Simpson and Shipton

3440 City of Truro

Burrell Boydell Traction Engine

ME beam engine

Gruson gun carriage

Stent T&C grinder

Large wheel clock

Craftsman’s tools

Prize Fowler showmans

Steam turbine launch

GW Queen class

King Edward IV

GWR 4700

Stuart beam engine

Stuart twin Victoria

Mac Dowell bandsaw

Lands & Yorks A class

Pasco S/C twin

Pasco 42cc twin two-stroke

Lorna Doone loco


USS Missouri

Derby 4F

Small tower clock

SR King Arthur

Foden C-type

Hunslet Wild Aster

Jenny Lind loco



SECR C class

Alfa Romeo Monza

Scroll clock

Paddle steam engine

Galloway’s engine

Sussex black 5

GWR 61xx

London omnibus

Little Mammoth shunter

Maudslay engine

Launch Suzanne

Monitor X 2

Duchess of Hamilton

4-cyl oscillator

Ridders’ Otto four-stroke

HMS Warspite

Fordson Model F

GWR 3521 4-4-0 loco

Garratt Mount Kilimanjaro

LMS Patriot

Horse drawn sail reaper

Tool & Cutter Grinder

Armstrong Siddeley Lynx IV

Table top wool waggon

15” Baldwin 0-4-0

LMS Coronation loco

Otto & Langen engine

Pedestal clock

Metropolitan Growler loco

Kerr Stuart Hampton NG loco

Sissons Portable Engine

Dean Single

Titan electric loco

Merlin band clock

Bass brewery loco

Triple expansion engine

Mallet 0-4-4-0 articulated loco

Dean Armstrong 4-4-0

Hunslet in 5” gauge