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Julius de Waal has adapted many of the MEWS archive finds as model designs. Adapting victorian drawings and engravings is not always simple! Some are like some of Cherry Hill’s model traction engine designs which were adapted (improved) by her from original drawings as they could not have worked in practice.

Julius’ latest exercise is design of a model for a tug engine featured on MEWS. He tells us:

I  send this drawing as a discussion document.

I have already made a set of drawings of this engine, but I am not going to release them until I have some clarification of some details of this engine which I have indicated with some question marks on the discussion document.

This engine has some features which I have not seen before.

For instance, "why is there a steam exhaust slide valve operated by an eccentric"? Normally the exhaust steam of the HP-cylinder goes into the valve chest of the LP-cylinder.

"Why is there a slot in the HP-cylinder"?

If possible, I would like you to put this in the public arena and may be there might be an engineer or someone who is familiar with this type of engine or there might be some description/operation instruction or books available.

If anyone can help resolve this please make contact here.

Click on the drawing to download for greater detail.

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