Part one by Roger Froud

Doncaster was its usual busy, enjoyable self in 2019 with the chance to meet up with old friends, look at some exemplary models, and stock up on the trade stands. Above is Mike Sayers (second from left) with his Bentley 3-litre and latest project the 4.5litre blower engine. Below is a closer look at the blower engine followed by a selection of other items to catch the eye.

Part two here.

Superb GW Achilles class 4-2-2 locomotive Royal Sovereign from 1898 by Alan Crossfield

Fine 1:3 scale Burrell scenic showman’s DCC engine by J Buckley

Ken Swan’s 7.25” gauge Bridget by D Hammond

Stuart No 9 by D Leeson

Westbury’s 1831 loco u/c by J D Chilver

Steeple engine with Robertson boiler by T A Barnes

Working water mill in 1:8 scale by B Polley

GW 2-6-2 prairie tank by J Chappell

Sanderson & Mills Model F Universal Tractor of 1913

GW 4-4-0 ‘Dukedog’ No 3205 Earl of Devon by R Byram

Stuart triple expansion engine by F Bilney

Face cam 30cc water-cooled petrol engine by G Punter

A variation of Anthony Mount’s Steeple Engine by N Carney

MEWS photographer, Roger Froud, (in green top with hand on table) met up with friends at Doncaster