Adam Harris, boss of Camden Miniature Steam tells us “that lovely man the Chancellor of the Exchequer very unexpectedly announced on the 30th April that he was removing VAT on ebooks and most digital publications from the following day. So, customers in the UK and the EU will find that Digital Editions are, on average, 16.6% cheaper! In some cases where the price without VAT was a strange one in pound sterling, there have been minor alterations to make the prices neater, but for UK and EU residents these publications are now cheaper.

And we have three new Digital Editions:

Out of print for some time, after the fourth printing sold out, this is a wonderful construction manual for the experienced model engineer., and more than a few examples of this satisfying project have been built. One has even been fitted to a scale model aircraft and flown - the film is on the description.”


If I had a favourite book from our range this could be it, as it brilliantly combines the history of engines, with how the author models them in 16mm scale live steam.

And you will find a little surprise inside every copy of the Digital Edition.

The printed version is still available.”


Scanned from a very rare original publication by the Vulcan Iron Works, detailing the full range of spare parts that could purchased for its designs. Dating from sometime between the two World Wars, this is an extremely interesting look at the products of one of the smaller American locomotive builders, and will appeal to anyone with a technical interest in the construction of American locomotives.”

There are some new paper books, too.


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