J Thompson


This excellent example of the popular Economy engine was shown by J Thompson at the 2018 Doncaster exhibition.

MEWS described earlier an Economy build for which detailed drawings a full castings are readily available. In that series John Merrett explained that: “Back in my youth I can recall being fascinated by a gas engine that used to drive, by means of flat belts, all the woodworking machinery at the local wood yard and the slow resonant thump of the exhaust through the roof which could be heard for quite a distance around the area. It had two large flywheels and ran at very low rpm.”

Eventually he found: “just what I was looking for; castings and drawings from The Engineers Emporium for a half size replica of a 2hp. Hit & Miss gas engine to run on petrol. They list it under their name of Economy Engine but I believe it is possibly based on an American engine sold under the name of Hercules. This seemed to meet my criteria although the flywheel castings at about 10.5” dia. were probably too big for my lathe; but I knew another club member who lived in the same town, who would let me use his larger Warco lathe.”