by Find Hansen

Some time ago I made some experimental engines. This one is a singe cylinder opposed piston two stroke petrol engine, with adjustable compression ratio, which also at the same time means  an adjustment of the opening and closing of the exhaust and transfer ports by the pistons. Each piston has two cranks connected to two large gear-wheels and the large gear-wheels are engage to two small gear-wheels on a shaft, where a flywheel is mounted. So in all four small and four large gear-wheels engage with each other by adjustable links, so when the links are turned from one side to the other, the pistons will reach the TDC at a different time, thereby changing the compression ratio. The aim of using two fly-Wheels was to get fewer impulse vibrations, because the fly-wheels turn in opposite directions, and they could be kept small, because they turn at double the speed of the crank-shaft.