Martin Gearing and Kieran Wisely’s
One of the most popular projects over the past few years has been the Firefly .46 glow-plug model aero engine designed by Alex Whittaker. The particular example here was built by Martin Gearing and Kieran Wisely of the SMEE during the course of an exhibition. The engine was fired up on the final day of the exhibition and it ran first time - like many others that have been built.

This design by Alex is deservedly popular, conceived as easy build for model engineers while producing a good performance. It was also designed to be easy enough as a project for aeromodellers. If you would like to have a go, drawings are freely available from

These plans and renderings were drawn up by Glenn Royds from Alex’s prototype.

This is a practical r/c engine capable of flying a 6.5lb fully aerobatic model. It has an innovative r/c controlled  in-flight mixture control and carburettor.

Great project for the Christmas break.