L Davies’


This impressive Fowler showman’s engine was shown by L. Davies at Doncaster in 2106. While the Burrell has proven to be popular as a model for a showman’s engine, the Fowler is a great alternative. Drawings and castings are available in three scales from Plastow, now part of the Stuart/Bridport Castings group, and elsewhere.

Their catalogue explains: “The showman’s model is an engine of impressive appearance, which is at its best on show generating light. The Fowler is more difficult to build than the Burrell having a lot of works fitted snugly into a small place.

“The 4 in. Fowler showman’s and road loco are probably the ultimate traction engines and produce a large and formidable model with great power reserves. The 3 in. Fowler was introduced for the model engineer who feels the 4 in. model is a little on the large side.”