Designed by Martin Evans

Those of a certain age and location will remember well the suburban ’push and pull’ locomotives of the Great Western. It formed the basis of the successful GWR Dart design of the late Martin Evans from back in the heyday of Model Engineer magazine in 1982. Drawings are readily available today. A kit-build version of this loco was also available at one time.

The GWR 1400 Class was designed for branch line passenger work. It was originally classified as the 4800 Class when introduced in 1932, and renumbered in 1946.  Origins  of the design date right back to 1868 and the Armstrong 517 class.

The 1400 Class was designed to work with the GWR design of autocoach, a specialist coach designed for push-pull working and which could also be used with engines of other classes. Those not fitted with autocoach were scrapped first. The auto-fitted locos were withdrawn by 1965. Nos.  In the early 1960s several had been 'in store'  for some time, being occasionally steamed to replace failed diesels. Four of the 75 built survived into preservation.

This attractive model was photographed at one of the much-missed, thoroughly enjoyable, Myford Open Days at the old Beeston works.

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