By Martyn Redfearn and Brian Biggs

Victoria was designed by Martyn Redfearn and built in 7.25” gauge by Brian Biggs based on the Hunslet 18" gauge locomotives supplied to Woolwich Arsenal. The design was inspired by Albert a battery electric Hunslet built by Alf Case. However, Martyn chose to use a diesel generator as the power source to ensure day long running.

Work started with a 6kVA single phase generator bought through ebay, and the engines from a discarded 2-8-8-2 narrow gauge Garratt project. The design moved through many stages and the engines were converted to 0-6-0 to distribute the weight more evenly than a prototype 0-4-0 arrangement, making Victoria a C-C loco in diesel parlance.

Fitted with the generator and phase convertor, initial trials proved the generator unable to maintain the required voltage. A new digitally controlled generator from ebay was fitted and, with some development, this worked using one powered bogie.

A second motor/controller set was added to provide power on both bogies, together with disc brakes made from discarded cast iron wheel blanks. The hand brake operates on a drive sprocket using the lever from a Range Rover and bicycle brake blocks.

The chime whistle was from a full sized American loco and the bodywork is made from aluminium to just fit in the engine shed where Victoria is based. The paintwork scheme has been based upon the Huddersfield Corporation trolleybus colours.

Exhibited at a National Model Engineering and Modelling Exhibition back in its Harrogate days.

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