Chronos has introduced two new types of combined rotary table and cross slides. First is this 6” rotary table with a cross slide mounted on it to give x, y and rotary positioning and movement.

A hardened and ground centre locating hole which affords quick set-up as well as machine spindle location relative to the rotary table.

Features include:

  1. Precision hardened and ground cross feed screws are mounted in tapered roller bearings. Backlash is controlled by adjustable feed screw nuts.

  2. Tapered gibs on cross slides.

  3. Working surface, slides and dovetails are precision ground.

  4. Quick-Set satin chrome cross slide dials are graduated in .001 in. and can be permanently locked if necessary.

  5. Cross-Slide scales are graduated in .100 in increments with adjustable pointers. Rotary Table is graduated in one degree increments. Satin Chrome Dial graduated in one minute increments.

  6. Non-influencing locks hold table rigid.

  7. Quick method of disengaging worm from worm wheel. Precision ball thrust bearings on worm shaft.

£439.99 including VAT and UK mainland delivery.

Second is the SCT 8” rotary table, fitted to a cross slide.

Features include:

• Accurately position work on the “X” and “Y” axis, as well as 360° table rotation

• Precision ground table top to 0.001" total indicator reading

• A 5/8" keyway and mounting lugs are provided for locating and accurate, secure mounting

• Smooth worm gear drive provides positive rotary feed

• Balanced ball crank feed handles do not exceed below the base to eliminate interference with the machine table

• 4" cross slide travel

• Cross slide dials are calibrated in 0.001" increments

• Rotary dials are graduated in 3 minute increments and 1 minute increment on the vernier

£457.61 including VAT and UK delivery.