Graham Hawkins

Graham Hawkins’ superb model of a GWR King class loco was shown at the 2016 Bristol Model Engineering Exhibition.

The King class locomotives of the GW need no introduction. The original King Edward IV was built at Swindon in 1928, and remained in service until July 1962 when it was withdrawn from Stafford Road shed in Wolverhampton to be scrapped in May 1963. The Kings, designed by C B Collett, were the final development of the four cylinder GWR locomotives following the Star and Castle classes. They were the most powerful locos when introduced and the most powerful ever on the GW. Thirty one were produced. Three have survived into preservation.

Many King models in 5” gauge are based on the design by Charles Kennion and Keith Wilson for Kennion Bros, now GLR Kennions Ltd who still supply drawings and castings at very reasonable prices. The set of 12 drawings is just £54.00 at the time of writing and driving wheel castings £38.00 each. Most other castings are in gunmetal. In 5” gauge these models  come out at 6’ long.