P Clare’s
The Leek and Manifod railway ran for just 8.25 miles from Waterhouses to Beeston, crossing the River Manifold dozens of times along the way. Station platforms were just 6” high. The railway ran from 1904 to 1934 and used just two locomotives built by Kitson & Co of Leeds, and were the first 2-6-4 locos to run in Britain. The single track, 2’6” gauge line was built to high standards by engineer Everard Calthrop and ran for 30 years with no re-laying. It is now a walking/cycle path.

Calthrop had previously worked in the colonies, and that is reflected in the appearance of the locomotives, one named after E.R. Calthrop and the other J.B. Earle, the resident engineer, which is the subject of this model. The visually striking headlamps were, in fact, never used. They also sported cow catchers and re-railing jacks.

Initially they were painted an elegant brown colour with gold and black lining, later changed to Crimson Lake after coming under the control of the LMS in 1923. Later still they were painted black. The railway closed in 1934.

This model, pictured at Bristol in 2014 was built by Joe Nemeth Engineering in 10.25” gauge and weighs 3/4 ton unladen. It was built for Mr P Clare to run on his private line in Cheshire.