Donald Cordall

Donald Cordall showed this 0-6-0 Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway locomotive at Bristol in 2016. Class 27 locomotives, nicknamed ‘A Class’, were designed by John Aspinall and 484 were built between 1889 and 1918 at Horwich Works. It became the standard goods engine used by the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway. Aspinall employed two-cylinders fed by a non-superheated round top boiler and Joy valve gear.

When Aspinall became general manager of the L&YR in 1899 more than 400 of the simple but powerful engines had been built. More were built by his successors, Henry Hoy and George Hughes, with some modifications, including early experiments in superheating. Twenty superheated engines were built with round topped boilers, using the same boiler pressure as the originals, 180 psi. In 1912 a second batch of 20 was constructed with Belpaire fireboxes. The last five built reverted to the original 1889 specification.

One locomotive, from 1896, no 1300 (later LMS 12322 and BR 52322) is preserved by the Ribble Steam Railway.