By David Fieldhouse

John Wilding’s large wheel skeleton clock design is a favourite among model engineers. It is a simple design, and that large wheel (290 teeth) can be cut on a Myford ML7 or similar lathe. Third and escape wheels are the same diameter giving the clock an attractive balanced appearance. In recent times a super YouTube series on making one of these clocks by Clickspring has proven extraordinarily popular, and now has more than 500,000 followers, and inspired even more people to make one of these lovely clocks. The drawings and John’s build instructions are available in book form from

This example was made for his son by David Fieldhouse and shown at a Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition complete with a contemporary appearance. The dial is engraved and filled with Araldite and chemical black, applied warm. Frame plates were made in two pieces to save on the high cost of brass. The barrel is fitted with ball races.

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