By Bernard Collyer

Fine example of the Model Engineer Beam Engine. which has been a popular model for more than a century. It was first described by George Gentry in 1914. It was revisited by Exactus in 1959 and that is the version usually built today.

The engine is of the centre column type and resembles that of the type of engine made by William Fairburn around 1840 - 1850. The model is usually to 1:12 scale. Design included some earlier features such as the form of the valve gear with a gab ended eccentric rod enabling disengagement to make hand starting easier.

Castings are available from a number of suppliers, but this particularly fine example is of fabricated construction by Bernard Collyer and was shown at an Alexandra Palace exhibition.

Drawings for this and other former Model Engineer designs are now available from Sarik Hobbies:




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