The old Model Engineer Exhibition was dropped by the magazine publisher after 100-odd years of existence, the main loss being the associated excellent competition for awards which brought many wonderful models to public attention. Fortunately, enthusiasts have now managed to resurrect that, at least for this year.

The competition will be revived at the National Model Engineering and Modelling Exhibition at Doncaster this year - May 10 to 12 - bringing back the chance to win a Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal and a host of trophies. Sadly, protracted negotiations have not left much time to prepare for that but it would be great if MEWS readers could polish up their masterpieces and give them an outing at Doncaster. If they are not finished show them anyway in the loan section.

We understand that among the trophies available for award is the Duke of Edinburgh trophy, the highest accolade in model engineering.  In addition to winners of top awards at former Model Engineer Exhibitions, winners of top awards at Doncaster and Harrogate in previous years will also now be eligible to enter the DoE. Regular Doncaster trophies are also there to be won. Entry forms are available 2019CompRules1.pdf.

Be quick! Entries close April 10.

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