With the Midlands exhibition the next major show on the calendar it is time fill in entry forms and preparing those models for display. For some, a hard working model  looks right with the odd knock or paint chip evidence of its main purpose.

For others, especially recently finished models, some time prepping will be well spent. Anyone taking photos of models over many years gets to realize that dust can spoil the look of any model picture. Invest in an anti-static cloth.

Take a tip from the museums, use a special polish on bare metal as well as glossy painted surfaces. That will also protect your model.

When it comes to displaying your model, set it up so that it can be photographed. Many club stands are too crowded. Much better, enter it into a competition or loan class for clearer display.

Wherever it is do not leave coffee cups, sandwiches, backpacks, or other distractions laying around.

Just as important as appearance is to tell people about your model. It doesn’t have to be a full account, a short note is better than just a label. A simple label saying what it is and who built it is better than nothing at all. Most of us have taken inspiration  for a new project from a show exhibit.

The next Midlands show is on October 17 to 20 at the usual venue, the Warwickshire Event Centre.

If you would like to be be part of the show and enter your work, that is free and there are 32 classes of which 16 are competition and 16 display. These classes include: Locomotives, Rolling Stock, Stationary and Internal Combustion Engines. Models still under construction can also be entered in the display classes. A commemorative plaque and exhibitor’s certificate will be presented to every entrant, with trophies and cash prizes awarded to winners.

Call the organizers for an entry form on 01926 614101 or download it from the website

Many clubs have already signed up to take part, including:

  1. 7¼” Gauge Society  

  2. 10¼”  Gauge Society

  3. Birmingham Society of Model Engineers

  4. Blackheath Model Power Boat Club

  5. Bromsgrove Society of Model Engineers

  6. City of Oxford Society of Model Engineers

  7. Coventry Model Engineering Society

  8. Erewash Valley Model Engineering Society

  9. Gas Turbine Builders Association

  10. Gauge 1 Model Railway Society

  11. Gauge 3 Society

  12. Guild of Model Wheelwrights

  13. Hereford Society of Model Engineers

  14. IC Engine Builders

  15. Kingsbury Water Park Model Boat Club

  16. Knightcote Model Boat Club

  17. London & North Western Railway Society

  18. Melton Mowbray & District Model Engineering Society

  19. Midlands Meccano Guild

  20. Milton Keynes Clock Club

  21. Model Steam Road Vehicle Society

  22. National 2 1/2 Gauge Association

  23. Northampton Society of Model Engineers

  24. Northern Association of Model Engineers

  25. Nottingham Society of Model & Experimental Engineers

  26. OO Live Steam

  27. REMAP (Coventry and Warwickshire)

  28. Rugby Model Engineering Society

  29. Society of Model & Experimental Engineers

  30. Southern Federation of Model Engineering Societies

  31. Stirling Engine Society

  32. The Society of Ornamental Turners

  33. The Steamboat Association

  34. The Young Engineers

  35. Wolverhampton & District Model Engineering Society

Specialist suppliers attending include:

  1. 17D Ltd

  2. Abbots Model Engineering

  3. Aerospace Surplus Trader

  4. Allendale Group

  5. Alutight

  6. BB Engineering Supplies

  7. Beugler Pinstripping Tools

  8. Blackgates Engineering

  9. Chester Machine Tools

  10. Chiltern Model Steam Engines

  11. Cl9ud

  12. CNC4You Ltd

  13. College Engineering Supply

  14. CuP Alloys (Metal Joining) Ltd

  15. Eric’s Railway Art

  16. Exglo UK

  17. FiveStar/Starloc Adhesives

  18. Gloforce Ltd

  19. Greenwood Tools Ltd

  20. GS Supplies and Western Steam

  21. Hafixs Industrial Products

  22. HJH Tooling Ltd

  23. Home and Workshop Machinery

  24. J B Cutting Tools

  25. J L D Fittings

  26. Just the Ticket

  27. Keith Robinson Engineering Tools

  28. Kontax Engineering Ltd

  29. Large Scale Locomotives

  30. Le Tonkinois Varnish

  31. Live Steam Models Ltd

  32. Model Engineers Laser

  33. Myford Ltd

  34. Noggin End Metals

  35. PNP Railways

  36. Polly Model Engineering

  37. Power Capacitors

  38. RDG Tools Ltd.

  39. Solder Connection

  40. Station Road Steam

  41. Stuart Models (UK) Ltd

  42. TEE Publishing Ltd.

  43. The Craftlight Company

  44. The Engineers Emporium

  45. Tracy Tools Ltd

  46. Turbotrade UK

  47. Walker Midgley Insurance Brokers Ltd.

  48. Whotz Hot Ltd