By Peter Evans

This is the latest box, number 14, of my collection. These are mainly railway maintenance tools and some odd agricultural ones as well.

I seem to keep finding examples to make. It all started when I decided to copy my full size collection in miniature. It has now gone a bit past that. I am always on the lookout for odd examples. I then copy them and when I get quite a few made in stock, then another box can be put together.

It goes without saying all these tools in full size, were made to do a specific job. It is just a further job now to find out all about them, then getting it all down on paper for others in the future. Years ago research was easy but as generations die out, it becomes a lot more difficult to find out their true background.

The other minor problem is that many go under local names. These often change with the different localities. We often find when they are on display, that people will argue over the names displayed.

There is quite an interest in these old tools now which I must confess is normally with the older generations.

Photographed at the 2019 Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition.