Julius de Waal

The horizontal engine with Joy valve gear has been one of the more popular of Muncaster’s engines, although it was not among the engines re-visited by Edgar T Westbury described earlier on these pages. Julius has re-visited the original 1905 drawings here - all in metric. Drawings and castings have been available in the US. Builders should ensure that castings which may available are suitable for this metric design, although it can be fabricated despite being a large engine. Muncaster expected builders to make their own patterns for casting, and gave clear instructions.

Mucaster said that this engine was not really a model. “It was made with an idea to produce a small engine that would not merely be a plaything and source of amusement, but would also be capable of useful work, if required to drive a small lathe, or any other duties to which it might be applied.”

As a result the design was a practical one with good accessibility. It was designed at a time when there was what Muncaster described as a “mania” for radial valve gear.

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