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A few years back MEWS reviewed David Glen’s Spitfire in my Workshop, the book which describes how he made that masterpiece model. Now we have a new book on his amazing model Mustang. Book and model are as good as it gets.

It is a book to inspire, encourage and empower the enthusiastic model maker to build a masterpiece from scratch which takes its readers on a model making tour de force, revealing and explaining in minute detail every aspect of the master model maker’s art. Described as a must-have for beginners as well as seasoned modellers and everyone with an interest in the legendary ‘Cadillac of the Sky’.

Tens of thousands of visitors to the Royal Air Force Museum at Cosford in the West Midlands have marvelled at David Glen’s magnificent 1:5 scale P-51D Mustang. Set off to perfection in its giant purpose-built display case, the model bears its builder’s own heartfelt dedication “to all US aircrew who gave their lives in support of their British and European allies through the course of two world wars.”

Mustang in my Workshop is only available direct. It contains 288 large-format pages (325 x 254mm), weighs 2.3kg and is fully illustrated with hundreds of colour photographs covering every aspect of the project.

This book is a fully illustrated, detailed account of an epic project, with all its frustrations, triumphs and tragedies.

Chapter 1:  

Voyage into the unknown – the vital role of preparation and planning.

Chapter 2:

Warhorse with a wooden heart – preliminary stages in building the wooden fuselage core and installation of the aluminium main longerons. Ultra-realistic radiator and oil cooler matrices; balsa/ply radiator air scoop and the chin scoop cast in resin.

Chapter 3:

More woodwork – mainplane and tailplane assemblies take shape; ailerons and flaps; gun ports and wheel bays, and early provision for locking the wings and empennage to the fuselage.

Chapter 4:

Metal lining the cockpit interior and installing its main structural features: fuselage frames, radio rack and seat support assemblies; building and detailing the fuel tank, cockpit floor assembly and instrument panel and centre console.

Chapter 5:

Fitting out the cockpit – rudder pedals, switches and switch plates; oxygen regulator, canopy release mechanism, pilot’s main control pedestal, engine control quadrant, joy stick and torque tube, pilot’s seat and armour plate.

Chapter 6:

Enclosing the cockpit – the windshield and armoured glass; a vac-formed instrument panel shroud and the sliding canopy.

Chapter 7: 

The wheel bays – installing the litho-plate interior skins, internal stringers and rib-lets. A riot of ancillary equipment, hoses, lines and unions – all built directly from the scaled down manufacturer’s drawings.

Chapter 8:

Fuselage metamorphosis – the transformative magic of litho-plate; what is litho-plate; preparing and using it; the preliminary cladding stages, including nose section and cowling panels; round and flush-headed rivets; coping with compound curvatures.

Chapter 9:

Metal cladding the mainplanes and empennage – shell chutes, fuel caps and recognition lights; resin wing tips; polished ailerons and ‘quilted’ flaps; elevator, tailplane and fin skins; litho skin blisters and flutes; gun muzzle blisters – a ‘creative’ solution.

Chapter 10:

The major sub-assemblies united – cladding and fitting the radiator scoop; making and installing the wing root and tailplane fillets; rudder fabric and rib tapes; tail light and other details.

Chapter 11:

Landing gear – struts, wheels, tyres and doors.  Shock struts and fork assemblies; machining the main wheels; the wheel bay doors; the tail wheel assembly, and its hidden secrets.

Chapter 12:

Agony and ecstasy – some ups and downs of model making: exhaust manifold assembly; spinning the spinner; prop blades and cuffs; the vhf radio, and battery packs.

Chapter 13:

Polish and paint – choosing the right materials; acid etch; custom paint masks; data plates, and dry transfer rubdowns


Set course for Cosford. 


Sample chapter below.

Mustang in my Workshop is only available to buy from @ www.warbirdsinmyworkshop.net

• £54.99.

• Signed for courier delivery is £4.95 (within the UK)

• Available for worldwide delivery via tracked package.

• Publishers are Brown & Brown - www.brownandbrown.co.uk

• Hardback book, case bound with dust jacket. 288 large-format pages (325 x 254mm)

• Fully illustrated with more than 580 colour photographs covering every aspect of the project.



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