Jason Ballamy’s

Malcolm Stride’s original design was to show that any model engineer, even after a lifetime with steam, could build an I/C engine. His idea was “if you can build a steam engine, you can build an I/C engine.” The result was the Lynx NE15s which proved popular and proved the point for many builders.

Malcolm, pen name Nemett,  was keen to extend the basic 15cc four-stroke design into new areas. First of these was a water-cooled version. Later came the Bobcat and Jaguar versions based on the elements of the original. Sadly he did not live to take the project further.

This version is the Nemett NE15OT, Ocelot, is a 15cc opposed twin built by Jason Ballamy to  his own design based on the Bobcat and Jaguar cylinders and heads. 

Jason explains: “I kept the ‘boxy’ look of his other engines by keeping the crankcase quite plain externally and came up with a double throw crank to allow for minimal cylinder offset to keep things as compact as possible.”

The model is all made from solid with bought-in timing gears, ball races, spark plugs, and fixings.