Peter G Smith’s



Prince Philip's ‘Park Drag’ is not a 'State Coach', but privately owned by the Prince, who used it for competitive driving. The basic style is like the old London - Bristol mail coaches, but the Drag was more expensively built using mahogany and lots of leather.

The Park Drag is used for shooting trips in Windsor Great Park, the staff riding inside and guests on top (the seats being 7' 6" up giving a good view). The coach can cater for a picnic, with baskets for food carried under the front, and drink being carried in lead lined mahogany boxes in the back. All of this is faithfully reproduced on Peter G Smith’s model with the boxes, for example, having the correct number of miniature dovetail joints at each corner.

Travelling on such coaches was rather more hazardous than travel today. If the horses took fright and bolted, the whole carriage could topple over, throwing passengers off the roof.