Part 12 (conclusion) by Jason Ballamy

I went with an off white paint colour for this engine, Ford "Ivory" was what caught my eye in Halfords. Non ferrous metal was primed with Upol Acid8, the Flywheel and cylinder with Upol High5. Both were then given a coat of Halfords white primer as were the remaining steel parts to get a uniform base for the topcoat.

A few shots of the parts laid out prior to final assembly, the engine having been test run before hand as I like to sort out any issues if there are any without the risk of damaging the paint if you have to start pulling things apart a few times. All visible fixings are small hex metric, mostly studs and nuts which you can see in one container and those that don't show are socket head.

Finally, all put together.
I'm happy with how it turned out and it has fulfilled my initial desire to show that an attractive and individual model can be built based on an existing design for about half what it would cost if you bought the full kit and you also get a lot more workshop time for your outlay.

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