This model in 5” gauge is of SECR class C 0-6-0 no 255, built at Ashford in 1900, in its original livery. The C class was designed by Harry S Wainwright as a goods engine, but was used for a wide range of duties, many surviving into the 1960s, including no 255.

The model was built from works drawings and information from one which is preserved on the Bluebell Railway. Externally it is close to the original, but the cylinders and valve gear differ to produce more power in this scale. It has a working steam reverser.

The loco has working vacuum brakes and a duplex vacuum gauge. The duplex gauge is home made using small electro-formed bellows and gearing to provide the vacuum indications. Although rather over scale it works well. The vacuum cylinder utilizes a rolling silicone O-ring as per original and all brake rodding is scaled from the original. Working leaf springs are fitted to both the loco and tender, these and the hangers etc follow as close as possible full size. The backhead is similar to the full size with two water gauges and two injector steam valves opening 'clockwise' feeding the two home mad vertical injectors and water valves with operating valve handles as per original. Folding doors, tool and storage boxes have some 18 working miniature hinges, all hand made. Also, the tender axlebox have home made working hinged oiler covers, The etched number plates and tender axleboxes were also home made.

The model was exhibited at the Brooklands exhibition.