Phil Procter


Older model engineers in the UK will well remember the Bond’s O’Euston Road shop. Quite possibly they bought their first set of castings there, and no doubt lots of items from the range of useful items available. One of its offerings back in 1931 was the Simplex petrol engine, designed for use in round the pole cars and a water-cooled version for hydroplanes, but finding other uses, too. Drawings and castings have not been available for some time, so Phil Procter was lucky to find a basic set of castings. The result was on show at Doncaster in 2018. Castings and drawings for a version of the engine are now available from The Engineers Emporium.

The engine has a bore and stroke of 1.25” giving a displacement of 25cc. power about 0.25 HP. Engine build starts here.