This clock, based on the pleasing lines of the Lyre, was  shown at the last Midlands Exhibition by Phil Alling. It is based on a Gold Medal winning Bill Smith design of English pattern, with spring and fusee drive, maintaining power, a one piece hand pierced skeleton dial, and unusual sun and planet pinion motion work. It has an 8-day run, and stands 16" above its base. The pendulum is rear mounted and has a heavy, brass shell bob poured with lead. A 1/8" thick plastic cover protects it from dust. The escapement is an original design by Bill Smith and is of the spring pallet type. This clock is the subject of an 86-page, approximately 30,000-word, 256-photograph workshop manual for building the clock available from the author/publisher at Or from who can also supply cut wheels, etc.

Phil Alling’s