John Castle

Anthony Mount

This unusual model is of a British Napoleonic spare wheel carriage photographed at a National Model Engineering and Modelling Exhibition back in its Harrogate days.

Based on scale measurements of original equipment, the model is of a limber, and a spare gun carriage which has been adapted to carry spare wheels and other parts. Each field brigade and horse troop in Wellington’s army was to include one spare gun carriage and limber.

The model is built exactly to scale including unseen elaborate joinery, all the fastenings are carrying out the same function as the original parts, and no glue has been used in construction anywhere on the model. The wheels are properly wrighted and are coned.

All of the strakes have been tailored to this coneing and are held in place by hand made nails; a Samson was used to pull the felloe joint together as in the originals.

The model is constructed of sycamore throughout with oak spokes for strength; all metal fittings are handmade as are most of the nuts and bolts, only a small number of very small square nuts and a few hexagonal nuts were purchased. The very small chain securing various pins and wedges was purchased; all other chain is handmade to scale dimensions.