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Anthony Mount

The Major Beam Engine is one of the iconic engines originally from Stuart Turner and now Stuart Models. It has proven popular for 100 years. The Stuart Major Beam is typical of the smaller industrial engines of the 19th century and is based on a 1:8 scale model designed by George Gentry and serialized in Model Engineer magazine throughout 1914.

In 1968 modifications were made to the design by Mr. H. A. Taylor including a reduction in the bore, a redesigned feed pump and replacement of Whitworth fixings with B.A.

A kit is available from Stuart’s includes all the castings, finished gears, piston rings and drawings but none of the other materials or fixings.

Model statistics:

Height 18 1/4 Inches.

Flywheel Diameter 13 7/8 Inches.

Cylider Bore 1 3/4 Inches Diameter.

Cylinder Stroke 3 3/4 Inches.

This equates to a model to a scale of 1:8, of an engine that would occupy an area of 17’ x 8’2” with a flywheel 9’3” dia and a bore of 15” and stroke of 2’6”. Running at 20 rpm with a mean effective pressure of 30psi, the engine would develop 16 indicated hp.

Model photographed at a Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition.