By John Greenfield

At half full size it was impossible to miss John Greenfield’s Tiger Moth at the 2019 London Model Engineering Exhibition at Alexandra Palace, with its 350cc engine, 4.47m wingspan and weighing in at 55kg.

The motor is a custom-made in-line two cylinder alternate firing two-stroke based on a Westlake 342 cc engine, including the cylinders, heads, and pistons. All other parts including crankcase, con rods, induction system were made to produce an engine with a final capacity of around 350 cc.

The model uses scale wing section covered in Diatex 1000. The covering is stitched on to the structure with real stitching and has scale pinking tape. The wings are internally braced, as on full size, and all the rigging is functional.

The model was conceived as a glider tug to tow vintage 1:2 scale gliders and was built to withstand the rigors of working in that environment. Doubled up servos on all control surfaces not only withstand the flight loads but also the loads of the line dragging on the control surfaces. The model has completed many hours of flying, including towing, and has proved to handle just like the full size version.



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