Part 11 by Vince Cutajar

Headlamp assembly.

For the bracket mounting bolts, I took two M3 cap head screws and shaved off their heads to a thickness 0f 0.25mm.

In the lamp bracket I made a 0.3mm deep counterbore to accommodate the head of the above bolts.
Made some minor modifications to the Bosch light then it was fixed to the bracket using four M2 model bolts and nuts.
Started adding bits and pieces to the front mudguards.
Finished soldering on the side skirts of one side. Now to clean them up and remove any surface rust in preparation to be etch primed. I also did some work on the front and rear plug of the side skirts (CE0365). I elongated (not opened up) the fixing holes by 2mm so that the plug could be moved up and fit better with the side skirt.
I worked on the front plate boss (CE0641). For various reasons I had already decided to remake them from scratch and give them the through hole and the correct angled top face.
I etch primed and re-assembled the front mudguards and was thinking of doing some small weld seams at some joints but before doing that I had to put them aside to work on the track rope. I transferred it from the plywood template to the model.

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