Rafel Ayensa

Built from MEWS drawings is this completed and running Trunch Trojan steam engine by Rafel Ayensa. Original drawings for this innovative design were by Bob Middleton in imperial. Later Julius produced a set of metric drawings.

Bob said: “When I started the drawings for my double side beam engine I fully intended to design both the double side beam engine and the single cylinder version concurrently. As the design progressed the single cylinder version became sidelined. When I came to look at it again I did not want to just draw a ‘cut in half' version of the first engine, but draw something that was an engine in its own right and substantially original. I came up with the idea of mounting the valve chest on the end of the cylinder rather than the more usual location on the side of the cylinder.

“I did some searches on the internet, but to date I have not been able to find any examples of an engine of this type. I, therefore, went ahead and to try to design an engine that would A) be different B) chunky and C) provide the builder with a few construction challenges! think I have with this design gone some way towards these objectives.”

Bob’s drawings here.

Julius’ drawings here.