Malcolm Barlow



This locomotive is a doubled up version of  Uranus, one of the largest locomotives designs in 2.5” gauge (or any other gauge) by LBSC. It was based on an idea by Canadian, J A Joslin, for a British style 4-8-4 which was taken up by Curly for a design destined for English Mechanics. A doctored copy of the drawings was leaked in full-size railway circles and hoaxed many locomotive men into believing that the monster represented the official policy for the future.

The drawings were published 1932, and construction of this twice-size model started in 1937 by J H Hurst of Peterborough and it featured, partly built, in Model Engineer magazine in 1944. It was later sold to a Mr Jones of Peterborough and bought by Malcolm Barlow in 2007. John Simon helped with completion the model which was shown in 2010 at the National Model Engineering and Modelling Exhibition, then held at Harrogate.

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