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APRIL 6 2020

The Engineer reports that “Plans for an automated bag valve mask dubbed ApolloBVM, an open-source emergency ventilator design from Rice University, are now online and available to anyone.”

ApolloBVM could help COVID-19 patients who are less-critically ill while they await availability of a standard hospital ventilator.

The project was first developed by Rice University students as a senior design project in 2019 and has been brought up to medical grade by Rice engineers and a student, with assistance from doctors at the Texas Medical Center. The device costs less than $300 in parts and can squeeze a common bag valve mask for hours on end.

Visitors to the ApolloBVM website will be asked to register before they can download the plans so that they can be kept up to date as the project progresses.

More than 500 people from 50-plus countries have already requested information about the project through the ApolloBVM website.

In lab tests with an artificial lung, the latest prototype delivered non-stop air for 24 hours, until the device was turned off.

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