By Walter Speier

After I finished my Balancier steam engine in spring 2019, I had to look for a new challenge. I found it quite quickly at Waller engine build (modelengineeringwebsite.com)
The author of the report has reported in great detail about the construction of the engine and documented it with many pictures. Ramon Wilson (the author) enlarged the model by 1/3 on the basis of the drawings available to him.
Since I also wanted to build bigger, I got the plans from Polly Model Engineering Ltd. in England. The individual parts were dimensioned in inches and metric. After a closer study of the drawings, however, I quickly realized that the dimensions of the parts cannot simply be extrapolated with a factor. More extensive adjustments would, therefore, have been necessary.
During a search in the WWW by chance I found that Julius de Waal from New Zealand offered a drawing set of Waller's Table Engine for download in exactly the size I imagined.
The good thing about the plans was that they were drawn in metric dimensions. They can be found here.
Since I had quite a lot of time thanks to Corona-related issues, production of parts was quick.

You can view the complete construction report in the german steam forum at the following link: Waller's Table Engine - Dampfforum. However, you need to register in the forum.



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