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Warco is celebrating 20 years of sales of its model engineers’ WM180 lathe. It neatly fits a niche between the ubiquitous mini lathe and and the larger WM lathes for those serious model engineers that need something larger. Of comparable capacity to a mini lathe it needs only a similar small space, perhaps on a bench, but is large enough to do the work of most model engineers.

There is not much wrong with a mini lathe for many a workshop or garage as thousands of owners will tell you. However, look at one next to a WM180 and the difference is obvious. Look at a WM180 next to a larger WM and the family connection is clear. You also get a lot more equipment, as standard, with a WM180 compared with a mini lathe. The WM180 weighs around double that of a standard mini lathe.

The WM180 is a variable speed machine, metric or imperial, supplied ready to use having been tested. Delivery is free to mainland UK.

Warco tells us:

“We first introduced it back in 2001 so this year marks our 20th anniversary of supplying it. In that time, we have made very few changes to the spec as we think it was designed right to begin with. As with all our lathes we do upgrade the chucks, and they undergo an engineer inspection. Recently, we introduced a version fitted with a digital readout system already installed, for folks who need DRO this takes the hassle out of fitting one themselves.

“The Warco WM 180 has made itself at home in many model engineers' workshops, with great feedback from our customers.”

Features include

  1. Two speed bands allow maximum torque in the lower speeds

  2. Infinitely variable from 0-2,500 rpm

  3. Double V-bedway - hardened and ground

  4. Adjustable gibs to slideways

  5. Offset facility to tailstock

  6. Tailstock quill engraved metric and imperial

  7. Reversible motor

  8. Metric and imperial thread cutting

  9. Zero friction dials

  10. Steel gears

  11. Powerful 600w motor

  12. Steel gears.

Standard equipment included

  1. Swarf tray

  2. Rear splash guard

  3. Face plate

  4. 3 Jaw 100mm self centre chuck with inside and outside jaws

  5. 4 Jaw independent chuck 100mm

  6. Fixed steady

  7. Travelling steady

  8. Two dead centres - 2MT / 3MT

  9. Compound slide

  10. Thread dial indicator

  11. Toolbox with maintenance tools

  12. Operation manual and full spare parts list.



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