By Julius de Waal

JULIUS de Waal is a Dutchman who has been living in New Zealand since the mid-1970s. He has a mechanical and electrical background, and is widely experienced with several CAD programs, including Autocad which he uses professionally every day. Like his father he is also a model maker. When his father died, Julius inherited about 50 years of back issues of de Modelbouwer, the excellent magazine of the NVM, the Dutch model makers organization. That set him off an series of design projects, many of them experimental, others imaginative, like his beam engine design that can be made without castings.

Here is a design to follow on from his single clinder simple oscillating steam engine, ideal for a beginner or for a ‘quickie’. It is a two-cylinder boxer engine. Again no castings are needed for these designs.

Building instructions are not included as the drawings are very clear and only basic machining and workshop skills are required.

Click on the drawings below to download and to view at a working size.