Iain Hughes


The British Railways BR Standard Class 9F 2-10-0 was designed for British Railways by Robert Riddles. The 9F was the last of the standardised steam locomotive classes designed for British Railways during the 1950s. It was designed for fast, heavy freight trains over long distances. It was one of the most powerful steam locomotive types ever constructed in Britain, and successful. During the 1950s the 9Fs also worked passenger trains with great success, proving the versatility of the design, perhaps the ultimate development in British steam.

Some 251 were built at Swindon (53) and Crewe Works (198). The last of the class, 92220 Evening Star, was the final steam locomotive built by British Railways, in 1960. Withdrawals began in 1964, with the final locomotives removed from service in 1968. Several examples have survived into the preservation era in varying states of repair, including Evening Star. Of the nine 9Fs to have survived into preservation, two have run on the mainline, no 92203 Black Prince and 92220 Evening Star. Due to the engines' flangeless centre driving wheels and the worry that the raised check rails on modern point-work may cause a derailment, the class, along with other 2-10-0 locomotives, are now banned from running on the mainline.

This example in 5” scale was shown by Iain Hughes at the 2018 Bristol exhibition.