Model engineers will be familiar with the Bombe Project at Bletchley Park and some members of the SMEE were involved in the early days. Bombe Rebuild Project Manager, John Harper, recalls: “ SMEE members were extremely helpful when we first made the authentic replica of a three-wheel version of the Turing Welchman Bombe.”

That work was indispensable.

“The machine has been demonstrated by a team of volunteers almost every day at Bletchley Park over the last 12 years. It has been found to be very reliable due in part to a very good original design and the quality of the work produced by those involved in the rebuild. There are, however, some signs of wear in some areas, and although no major repair has yet to take place it has triggered us to have a closer look at what spares we have that are critical to keeping the machine going in the long term.

“Many spares were made at the same time as those parts incorporated in the working machine, but not all. The most serious shortage is straight cut bevel gears.

“There are two pairs that are high priority and another not so important. There are three off of one pair fitted in the machine.”

Help is now needed. Drawings will be provided.

Contact John here if you would like to help.