The Bristol show usually manages to come up with a theme that attracts super models. This year was no exception. It was GWR locomotives galore in celebration of 175 years of railway engineering at Swindon Works. So many, in fact, that we will have a second report next week about models of Swindon’s finest.

Meanwhile, we will look at some of the other models that caught the eye, plus a couple of Rolls Royce full size engines - a liquid-cooled Merlin and and Adour turbofan.

New from Maurice Turnbull is another of his model production machines from the golden age. This one is a combined punching, shearing and angle cutting machine by John Cochrane designed from a contemporary description, the same inspiration for many fascinating models including the traction engines of Cherry Hill. Another was a model of a bandsaw by Tom Polatch used to cut logs up to 6’ diameter and 40’ long.

Mike Sayers’ Blower Bentley engine was on display and showing sufficient progress to start to look like a competed engine. From the complex to the simple - a number of Toby locos were on display, finished and under construction including one built as a saddle tank.

New models from the Guild of Model Wheelwrights included a milk float by Max Beare which brought back happy memories for the more senior visitor!

In summary then, the usual array of fascinating models for Bristol this year, with the added bonus of dozens of Great Western locos.

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