Part 20 By Vince Cutajar

Made the two valve collets. Fiddly little things. Used a piece of 5mm mild steel. Faced it off and drilled a 2mm hole about 6mm deep. Transferred the piece to the milling vice and after locating the hole under the spindle, used a 2.5mm slot drill to open it up. Then using the y axis, milled the slot. Transferred the piece back to the lathe and parted off two collets. After cleaning them up, did a trial fit in the groove I made previously.

Made the two valve collars.
For the valve guides I started with the phosphor bronze I bought locally and as the OD was a bit rough, I cleaned it up with the three jaw chuck. Then cut two pieces for the blanks. Replaced the three jaw chuck with a collet holder and turned the side that needs to be pressed in the cylinder head. With the same setup drilled and reamed 3mm the part.

Reversed the part and machined the other side. There were no dimensions on the plans how thick the lip is. Also there is a shallow taper but no angle indications. So I improvised. Made the lip 2mm wide and the taper of 2 degrees.

Now some photos of the valve machining..
I tried to shrink fit the valve guides into the cylinder head but after I singed my fingertips a couple of times I gave up. I don't need this aggro.

So I pressed them into the head but before doing that I made a tool to make sure that they are pressed in straight. New photo is showing the tool. I indicated the valve guide hole under the mill spindle. Then I clamped the thick part of the tool in a collet and put the valve guide in the stem of the tool. Pressed the valve guide in the head with the quill.

Both valve guides in the head and the valves installed with the springs.

The bottom of the head with the valves.

Could not resist, so fixed the rocker arms to the head to see how they look.

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