Brian Hutchings’

This fascinating Burrell-Boydell traction engine in 1:8 scale being built by Brian Hutchings was shown at Doncaster 2017. It is fitted with the patented endless railway system.

Source for the design are the 1858 Patent drawings which Brian explains: “appear to be drawings of a real engine as the detail shewn is much greater than that required on a Patent drawing.

“In common with most Patent drawings, details have been altered to make it difficult for anyone to copy.”

The wooden boards, reinforced with iron bands, are intended to spread the load on soft ground including roads which in the 1850s were made of crushed limestone and other similar materials.

Several engines were built using the Boydell Patented Endless Railway system and were used for ploughing, road haulage and were even used by the military for towing artillery. Some engines also had the Endless Railway system applied to the front wheels as well as the hind ones.

Several were sent overseas to Brazil, Egypt, Russia, Venezuela, Australia and India as well as a number being used in Ireland and Great Britain.

“Sadly, none survive, probably due to the wear suffered by the wheels from the weighty feet clanking back and forth,” reports Brian.