Cherry Hill’s


Cherry Hill’s (still Cherry Hinds at that time) vertical twin steam engine model was based on the Stuart double ten and was the third model she made, back in 1966. It was built after she completed the Allchin traction engine, Royal Chester, and before the Merryweather fire engine. Cherry wanted to be sure about the working of the reversing gear on the fire engine and so built this model, scaled down from the Stuart engine.

In those days she was still making some use of castings and made the patterns which were used by apprentices at Stuart Turner for the castings which were, Cherry reports,  “very good.”

While promoting the book Cherry’s Model Engines MEWS had temporary care of the engine between exhibitions, leading up to the London Model Engineering Exhibition at Alexandra Palace. That being the case, we thought MEWS readers might like to see a few ‘snaps’ of the 49 year-old model taken in the office.

They are ‘snaps’ as that is all they are compared with the professionally taken pictures of Cherry’s early models in the book, or those taken by Cherry herself of the later models that can be found in the book.