John Castle’s

This 1:8 scale model by John Castle is of a London pattern (compass fronted) coal van (waggon). It is from a plan by F van Solt, but including amendments and corrections from photographs, and detail gleaned from what is believed to be the last surviving example of this type of delivery vehicle.

The plan by van Solt was based on an article with accompanying set of drawings published in a magazine, The Coach builders and Wheelwrights Arts Journal, dated May 1900. The drawing by J & C Cooper had several constructional errors which were copied onto Mr van Solt’s plan, these errors have been corrected on the model.

The model is 100% scratch built including all 287 threaded fittings and fastenings and all of the various chains. No glue has been used in any of the miniaturized joinery, all joints being secured by wooden pegs and dowels in traditional manner. The wheels are constructed from the same woods as on the original, Elm for the naves (hubs) Oak (cleft) for the spokes and Ash for the felloes. The tyres were heated on a gas ring and shrunk in place, The remainder of the model is made from Sycamore for its fine finishing properties, and mild steel. Photographed at the 2015 Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition.