R Byram

From the MEWS archive is this classic English style bracket clock by D Lawson, photographed at a Harrogate exhibition. The design is by John E Tyler and full construction details can be found in a book available from clockmakingbrass.co.uk complete with more than 100 illustrations and drawings. Even the engraving of the dial in the lathe is covered; full details of the construction of the case are also included.

The author's workshop is very well equipped and full use is made of the wide range of tools and equipment he possesses. Some of the methods suggested such as milling the edges of the plates might be considered somewhat pedantic as these dimensions are not critical and this work is most usually done by filing. However, the author has provided instructions which leave nothing to chance.

The construction of the fusee in particular is fully covered and two appendices at the end of the book deal with the theory of the curve. The book is profusely illustrated and contains all the necessary working drawings in order to make both the case and the clock movement.

The drawings were originally dimensioned in imperial, but on bad advice were changed to metric with a calculator, as at the time of publishing, the U.K. was in the throes of changing over. Those who wish to work in Imperial can easily change the dimensions back again.      

The design was re-visited by John Parslow, and his book is also available from clockmakingbrass.